Tyler’s Story

Tyler was born with a dangerous bleeding disease. He was born in Japan and the doctors there didn’t know what was wrong with him. So my parents moved back to America. They went all over the United States, from hospital to hospital to find help for Tyler. They finally got to Boston Children’s Hospital and they found that Tyler was the only one who had that disease and so they called it Tylers disease. By the time he was four years old he had had over 200 blood transfusions! Can you imagine that?  When he was nine months old the doctors gave them a medication that caused cerebral palsy. That is why he is in a wheelchair. My mom and dad said there have been many times that Tyler should’ve died but he is still here. He is a miracle!  Tyler is the best brother I could ever ask for. He teaches me to be happy and brave and strong even when things are not going my way.

Tyler on his blessing day at St. Lukes Hospital in Boise
Tyler receiving a blood transfusion at PCMC in SLC


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